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E-Primal: The Mailing List
E-Primal is our mailing list for questions, comments, and English discussions about Primal.  The list includes friendly conversation and announcements relevant to the website and the language.  It's also the best place to ask questions about Primal, including the ever-popular, "how do you say..."

Primal at WikiFur
WikiFur has a small entry describing the Primal language.

Primal at BookCrossing
This is a site where people can leave comments about books, and trade copies with other people.  Illara Sunsurn left a message here about Primal, and others may add comments as well.

Primal Projects

Completed projects are now available in the Tools and Programs section of the Primal Tutorial.  The following unfinished projects are either proposed, or currently in progress.

This is a cultural endeavor which makes extensive use of the Primal language.  It has been put on hold until the tutorial is complete.

Unicode Registry
One of the things planned for Primal in the near future is to get Primal script entered into one of the ConScript Unicode Registry blocks.

Google Project
Eventually, we also plan to translate Google into Primal.  This step will come after the Unicode registry.  A link will appear here to the Primal version of Google's homepage when it's finally done.

Primal > Community