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Tools and Programs

The Primal Flashcards program requires Java 5, but will work on any system.  If you don't have Java 5+ installed on your machine (though you probably do), click here to get it free from Sun Microsystems.

To download the Primal Flashcards program, right-click below and "Save as..." the file.  Create a directory where you want to store the program, and unzip the file there.  If you need a program to unzip files, you can download a free one here.

The executable file is PrimalFlashcards.jar, and flashcard packs should be located in the /packs/ directory.  You can create a shortcut to the executable if you want, though this process depends on which operating system you use.  Primal Flashcards comes pre-loaded with the following flashcard packs:

  • alphabet.xml (the Primal alphabet)
  • grammar words.xml (all Primal words other than non-pronoun nouns and verbs)

Additional flashcard packs are available here.  Download them and save them to the /packs/ directory.

More packs will be added here from time to time, so check back later!

Primal > Tutorial > Tools and Programs > Primal Flashcards