Morphicon 2006

Morphicon is a small furry convention held in central Ohio.  I was the chair again for our third convention year.  For 2007, Max Goof will be taking over as the chair.

Our theme for this year was "The Food Chain", quite appropriate given the free-food-focus of our convention.  Several food events were featured, including the return of the cake-decorating contest.  My contribution was a bit controversial--the pink thing was supposed to be a TONGUE, I swear!

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I had to co-direct the Variety Show this year, so Jewel took most of the pictures then.  I only regret that he never got a full shot of all four of the Raccuties together (there were four identical, animatronic suits with moving eyes and synchronized tail action...a true marvel of art, engineering, and woofy-frightening girltech).

This year we had several insane furs who donated massive amounts of money to the convention.  We gave them a special "Hypertrophe" status--because of their oversized hearts, you see.  Each Hypertrophe received special Guest of Honor art and a truly ginormous name badge.  Here's what mine looked like...

I blame Kattywampus.  (At least she didn't pull the old "Trickster's for kids" joke, though.)

Anyway, one mad prop remains; while Bear didn't donate a Hypertrophe-level directly to the convention, he still deserves special mention for purchasing us a label printer that sped up registration this year.  Thanks Bear!  Here's proof of his crime.

The turnout was around what we expected, with 187 member registrations.  We had good feedback this year, so we feel as though the con continues to head in the right direction.  See you in 2007!

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